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    Software engineer with passion for great, impactful solutions. For the most part, I work with Ruby and JavaScript, but at the same time I consider myself language agnostic – I love to learn new tools regardless of the underlying framework/language. Most recently, I co-developed Workerholic, a highly scalable background job processor written in Ruby.


  • Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, SQL
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Backbone, VueJS, Sinatra
  • OS: GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows Server

Selected Project: Workerholic

    Workerholic is a multi-threaded, multi-process background job processing manager. It allows developers to decouple their application processing logic into a separate, self-sufficient process. Once installed and configured, Workerholic will take care of any time-consuming tasks that your application may have, be it “talking” to an external API, performing CPU-heavy calculations or simply running millions of these tasks together.

    Among other features, Workerholic includes automatic load balancing, command-line interface, delayed jobs scheduler, multi-process operations, reporting web interface and full Ruby on Rails integration.

    Follow this link to read more about Workerholic and our story.

    Technology stack: Ruby, Redis, Rails, JavaScript, Heroku


Software Engineer (2017)

Workerholic (background job processor)
Main Features:
  • Concurrent and parallel execution model
  • Integration with Ruby on Rails and custom applications
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Rich Web UI and reporting

Systems Administrator (2012 – 2015)

  • Developed and implemented IT infrastructure (servers, clients, networking, firewalls, backup solutions) from scratch
  • Configured enterprise mail server for 500+ user environment
  • Developed backup strategies for mission-critical nodes (domain controllers, mails servers)


Taganrog State University of Engineering (2004-2009)

  • Master of Science, Information Technologies