About me

  • Father
  • Software Engineer
  • System administrator
  • Productivity and self-improvement geek
  • Book lover
  • Big fan of CRPGs

More Information

    I’ve been in love with computers since I got my first PC in the early 90s. It was a pretty beaten up box with Intel 80486 inside. Loaded with DOS and Windows 95, this machine was full of “magic” and fascination. To understand it better, I started reading about operating systems and programming languages. I then experimented with operating systems installations, tried a few Linux distribution and was forced to wait for my father’s IT friend to resurrect my lovely present (which stopped booting and was throwing cryptic error messages). That was my first experience with computers and debugging.

    Around 2009, I started working as an IT helpdesk technician. That gave me enough experience to transition to a system administrator position. There I was exposed to various technical environments (Windows and Linux servers, large tape backup systems, numerous Cisco networking devices). It was an amazing time to learn these technologies inside out!